2016 Membership Registration

Thank you joining Triangle Soccer Fanatics for the 2016 season.  We are looking forward to seeing you at WakeMed Soccer Park, our watching parties, our community service projects, and our special events like Feed the RailHawks and roadtrips to away matches.

In order to make sure we have the best ways to contact you this season, as well as making sure you receive the membership entitlements we owe you, we ask that you fill out the following form once for each membership you have purchased or received with your season tickets.  (For example, if you purchased 3 season tickets in the supporters sections and chose to use all 3 of them to join TSF, please complete this form 3 times -- we encourage you to put the additional memberships in different names from your personal membership so we may reach out to everyone that you would like to enjoy the benefits of TSF).

Name *
Please enter the name you would like listed on the membership you are purchasing.
Membership Perk *
Please choose which one membership perk item you prefer. In addition to this chosen perk, all members receive a parking access pass, a trading pin, and TSF badge sticker, and other discounts and benefits. (Please note: Supporters Scarf out of stock, no longer available)
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Mailing Address
Please enter your mailing address for our membership database.
Mobile Telephone
Mobile Telephone
Please include a mobile phone number if you would like to receive text message updates from TSF for last minute event changes or updates.
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As a member of Triangle Soccer Fanatics, you agree to observe the club's Code of Respect at all times when representing TSF or participating in TSF-sponsored activities
Volunteer Opportunities
TSF is 100% volunteer driven. Would you be willing to participate on one of the following volunteer committees?
Ticket Preference
Please tell how us how you prefer to purchase tickets to Carolina RailHawks matches.
Seating Preference
Can you tell us where you normally sit at WakeMed Soccer Park
Did an existing TSF member suggest you join TSF? If so, give us their name so we can make sure they receive their referral reward.