New Rail Policy for The Depot in 2015 Season

This season, we are going to need to make some adjustments to the standing along the rail in front of The Depot.  During this time, we are going to need your cooperation and patience while we work with the Town of the Cary and the RailHawks staff to work on this situation

The Town of Cary, the RailHawks, and TSF are all committed to having a standing section for supporters in WakeMed Soccer Park.  However, as our group has gotten larger, more and more people are starting to stand along the railing in front of The Depot instead of in the designated seating area.  To be clear, standing along the rail is against stadium policy but the Town and the RailHawks Front Office have looked the other way in the past. But there is a growing concern in regards to both safety of those fans standing along the rail and sight lines for fans sitting in adjacent sections that needs to be addressed.

Beginning with the Seoul E-Land pre-season friendly and continuing into the 2015 season, we will begin enforcing a new policy for The Depot.   Only designated capos/chant leaders, fans playing instruments, and designated flag bearers may stand in the area between Row A of Section 309 and the railing.  There will be no standing along the rail in front of Section 308 or Section 310.  Anyone standing along the rail in those sections or not meeting the designated criteria above, will be asked to find a place to stand in Section 309 behind Row A or higher up in the section.

Over the next few games, the Town of Cary, the RailHawks, and TSF will monitor the situation and continue to refine this new policy for the Depot.  We are all committed to finding a working policy for the section that both promotes standing and cheering while ensuring a safe and unobstructed viewing experience for supporters both in The Depot and in the adjacent sections.

Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated as we work to implement this new policy.