Update on TSF open letter to Bill Peterson

As you are aware, on Friday, June 5th, Triangle Soccer Fanatics issued an open letter to NASL Commissioner Bill Peterson calling on NASL to revoke Traffic Sports USA’s franchise rights and take League ownership of the Carolina RailHawks.  We also asked Commissioner Peterson to clarify his previous statement that the NASL had ceased all business operations with Traffic Sports.

As of today, it is our understanding that Traffic Sports USA is still in control of the Carolina RailHawks and NASL has issued no further statements clarifying their relationship with Traffic Sports.

In the past week, we have had the opportunity to have extensive conversations with both Curt Johnson, President of the Carolina RailHawks and Commissioner Peterson, sharing with them Triangle Soccer Fanatics’ concern over the future direction and ownership of the Carolina RailHawks.

While we understand that both the RailHawks’ and NASL’s ability to make public comments during the ongoing Department of Justice investigation is limited, these conversations have been a constructive way for Triangle Soccer Fanatics to share our vision for the highest level of professional soccer and integrity here in the RDU area.  We are convinced that both the RailHawks and NASL share our vision and are working within their capabilities toward the same objective as TSF – long-term, stable, invested, and preferably local ownership of the Carolina RailHawks.

During this time, it is critical that Triangle Soccer Fanatics, our members, and RailHawks fans continue to voice their opinions about the future of the Carolina RailHawks.  A public discourse is the best tool we have to make potential investors aware of the opportunity here in the Triangle.  That need has been confirmed by Curt Johnson in his recent comments to Neil Morris at WRALSportsFan.com:

“I love it when people step up and relay their support for professional soccer and the RailHawks. We need more of that. We need more people stating their opinions… This is a time, if there ever was a time, that all of us who care about professional soccer in NC and the Triangle need to step forward with our opinions and thoughts about where we want this to go … We as a community need to fully explore that, fully vet all options and move forward with a plan.”

TSF will continue to advocate with both NASL and the Carolina RailHawks on behalf of our community’s interest in professional soccer until a long-term ownership solution is found.