2006 World Cup TV Schedule

I wouldn't set your TiVo quite yet as schedules are subject to change, but in case you're curious, here's a preliminary schedule for ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 coverage of the 2006 World Cup.
NetworkDateTime (EDT)Description
ESPNJun-0901:40World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-0911:55Germany vs. Costa Rica
ESPN-2Jun-0914:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-0914:55Poland vs. Ecuador
ESPNJun-1000:00World Cup 2Night
ABCJun-1008:55England vs. Paraguay
ABCJun-1011:55Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden
ESPN-2Jun-1014:55Argentina vs. Ivory Coast
ESPNJun-1100:30World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1108:55Serbia & Montenegro vs. Netherlands
ABCJun-1111:55Mexico vs. Iran
ESPN-2Jun-1114:55Angola vs. Portugal
ESPNJun-1200:30World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1208:55Australia vs. Japan
ESPN-2Jun-1211:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1211:55United States vs. Czech Republic
ESPN-2Jun-1214:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1214:55Italy vs. Ghana
ESPN-2Jun-1222:00United States vs. Czech Republic
ESPNJun-1300:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1308:55South Korea vs. Togo
ESPN-2Jun-1311:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1311:55France vs. Switzerland
ESPN-2Jun-1314:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1314:55Brazil vs. Croatia
ESPNJun-1401:40World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1408:55Spain vs. Ukraine
ESPN-2Jun-1411:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1411:55Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia
ESPN-2Jun-1414:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1414:55Germany vs. Poland
ESPNJun-1500:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1508:55Ecuador vs. Costa Rica
ESPN-2Jun-1511:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1511:55England vs. Trinidad & Tobago
ESPN-2Jun-1514:00World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-1514:55Sweden vs. Paraguay
ESPNJun-1601:40World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1608:55Argentina vs. Serbia & Montenegro
ESPN-2Jun-1611:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1611:55Netherlands vs. Ivory Coast
ESPNJun-1614:55Mexico vs. Angola
ESPNJun-1700:00World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-1708:55Portugal vs. Iran
ESPNJun-1800:20World Cup 2Night
ABCJun-1711:55Czech Republic vs. Ghana
ABCJun-172:55PMItaly vs. United States
ESPNJun-1803:00Italy vs. United States (Replay)
ESPNJun-1900:30World Cup 2Night
ABCJun-1808:55Japan vs. Croatia
ABCJun-1811:55Brazil vs. Australia
ABCJun-1814:55France vs. Korea
ESPN-2Jun-1908:55Togo vs. Switzerland
ESPN-2Jun-1911:55Saudi Arabia vs. Ukraine
ESPN-2Jun-1914:55Spain vs. Tunisia
ESPNJun-2000:00World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-2009:55Ecuador vs. Germany
ESPN-2Jun-2009:55Costa Rica vs. Poland
ESPNJun-2014:55Sweden vs. England
ESPN-2Jun-2014:55Paraguay vs. Trinidad & Tobago
ESPNJun-2101:40World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-2109:55Portugal vs. Mexico
ESPN-2Jun-2109:55Iran vs. Angola
ESPNJun-2114:55Netherlands vs. Argentina
ESPN-2Jun-2114:55Ivory Coast vs. Serbia & Montenegro
ESPNJun-2209:55Ghana vs. United States
ESPN-2Jun-2209:55Czech Republic vs. Italy
ESPNJun-2214:55Japan vs. Brazil
ESPN-2Jun-2214:55Croatia vs. Australia
ESPNJun-2301:10World Cup 2Night
ESPN-2Jun-2301:30Ghana vs. United States (Replay)
ESPNJun-2309:55Saudi Arabia vs. Spain
ESPN-2Jun-2309:55Ukraine vs. Tunisia
ESPNJun-2314:55Togo vs. France
ESPN-2Jun-2314:55Switzerland vs. South Korea
ESPNJun-2400:00World Cup 2Night
ABCJun-2410:552006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16
ESPNJun-2414:552006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16
ESPNJun-2500:00World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-2503:002006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16 (Replay)
ABCJun-2510:552006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16
ESPNJun-2514:552006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16
ESPNJun-2600:30World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-2610:552006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16
ESPNJun-2614:552006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16
ESPNJun-2700:00World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-2710:552006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16
ESPNJun-2714:552006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16
ESPNJun-2800:00World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-2901:00World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-3000:00World Cup 2Night
ESPNJun-3010:552006 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals
ESPN-2Jun-3014:552006 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals
ABCJul-0110:552006 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals
ABCJul-0114:552006 FIFA World Cup Quarterfinals
ABCJul-0414:552006 FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals
ABCJul-0514:552006 FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals
ABCJul-0814:552006 FIFA World Cup Third-Place Match
ABCJul-0914:552006 FIFA World Cup Final
Please note this schedule is based on preliminary schedule information from ESPN International and the assumption that all games not covered on ESPN/ESPN-2 will be available live on ABC. If you prefer your fútbol en español, then Univision's got you covered.